7 Tricks To Earn From Your Website Or Blog

December 20, 2021

7 Tricks To Earn From Your Website Or Blog

You might start a website or a blog as a hobby or to promote your brand, but do you know you can also generate income through it? Here are 7 amazing tricks you can use to make money from your website:

  1. Affiliate Marketing

    Recently affiliate marketing is emerging as the most profitable way for professional bloggers to generate income while preserving their hobby online. In this, you have to encourage your visitors to buy a product or service of an external website and when they make a purchase using the link you post, you get a commission. Many of the ecommerce websites offers an affiliate marketing program, you just have to register for it and you get a unique tracking link. Later you can write a review of the product or service and attach link with it or simply put an advertisement of it. You get a commission for it if your visitor purchase the product using that link.

  2. Sponsored Posts

    You can earn money for publishing a content from a marketer or posting articles about their products or services. This enables you to retain your visitors on your blog or website with informative and interactive content and generate some income from third parties at the same time.

    Your charges depends upon the popularity of your website, the number of followers you have on your social media and how profitable and effective your content will be for the marketer. If these factors are suitable with the marketers, they contact you by themselves for sponsorships. Now for tricks to attract sponsors for your website you can visit here.

  3. Post Reviews

    You can make a video or write an article about a product or service review and for money in exchange. Do reviews for something which is relevant to the subject of your website or blog. By expressing your views on the companies products or services you will be promoting them online, for which you can charge a certain amount of money from the companies. At the same you can provide value to your content and enhance your user’s experience.

  4. Google AdSense

    Internet advertising involves three aspects:

    1. PublisherPublishers are the ones who willingly sell a space on their website in exchange of revenue or commission.
    2. AdvertiserAdvertisers are the ones who pay for displaying their advertisements to reach a defined set of audience.
    3. RevenueRevenue is decided as per the amount of traffic a publisher drives to the advertiser’s advertisement.

    Together we can put it like, advertisers wants to display ads on websites which are efficient as well as cost effective and publishers wants to sell their inventory space to advertisers who can guarantee them highest ad revenues without disturbing their user’s experience. This is where google adsense comes into the picture which acts as a bridge between a publisher and an advertiser. It displays those ads on your website which are relevant to your content (also called as native advertisements) and provides you the best advertising rates by helping an advertiser to get more impressions and clicks on their ads.

    Get more details or sign up for google adsense here.

  5. Sell Ad Space

    You can sell ad space on your website or blog directly to the advertiser without any involvement of a third party. This will allow you to consume 100% of your revenue from advertisers. Since, there won’t be any involvement of an ad network you will be required to attend meetings in person for negotiation of revenue and other formalities.

  6. Membership

    Let’s first understand what are actually membership site. These are like your club membership where you allow visitors to read the content of your website in return for subscription to your blog or website on a monthly or annual basis. People take memberships only when they believe that the site will provide them some quality information than other blogs or websites.

    At first you can allow readers to use your content for some trial period. This will help you to create a customer base and once, people feel that your site is providing them the quality content they will subscribe to your site willingly.

    A small tip - Remember to post content regularly since consistency is the key to success for any membership sites.

  7. Paid Webinars / Video Tutorials

    Use your expertise knowledge and creativity to earn money and help people by setting up webinars or posting video tutorials. Your webinars or tutorials are supposed to be free but you can pitch an offer of a product or any service at the end or in the middle of your video or live broadcast. These can be your own product or services or of some other company who are sponsoring you.

    You can always ask your viewers to register with your websites to update them about your future webinars. Later you can take follow ups with the ones who have registered for your webinars about the offer you made during your webinar. But remember, not to spam their inbox.

Apart from these tricks you can also ask for donations from your readers if you have a strong engaged community and your articles are worthy.

Now that you are familiar with these techniques you can implement them to monetize your website; but before that it is mandatory to have a good amount of traffic for your website.