How Websites Influence Customers

January 25, 2022

How Websites Influence Customers

Your website represents your brand online. It is capable of depicting the values, vision, mission, beliefs of your company. Before making a purchase, people usually visit the websites to know more about the product or company. They look through the website to gain knowledge about usage, pros & cons of the product & services. If they find relevant information and answers to their questions, they would be more willing to make the purchase.

A good website is essential for your brand to stand out from the rest of the competitors. The way your website looks, influences visitors to become customers or have any form of interaction.

The design and content on your website guarantees professionalism of your brand. It summarizes your brand’s history, values, beliefs, products / services, and client profiles of your company. It builds credibility, trust and reliability in customers for your brand.

There are three factors that make a website influential and interesting:

  1. Color Schema

    The main focus of visitors is the visual appearance of the website. A good color scheme is what gives them the assurance for a brand’s worthiness. Every color carries a different psychology behind it. Using the right color scheme at the right time, takes a lot of thought process. Your choice of colors define your brand’s core values and ideas. To convey the right message to the right audience, you need to select a perfect combination of colors.

  2. Content

    Good content is a combination of different forms of media.

    • Text

      It involves a detailed information of your company: It’s history, products & services, core values & beliefs, future plans & expectations, position in the market, reports & surveys, and more. Having this information gives visitors assurance of product’s quality and reliability. Use captivative headlines, sentences and be informative as well as appealing while presenting your facts on your website.

    • Videos

      Videos attracts more attention and provides more information. You can embed videos like tutorials on how to use your products and services, webinars, testimonials, unboxing of your product, procedures / processes, videos from recent events, and more to support your text. Tip: Embed videos on your website instead of uploading a video. This enhances page loading speed.

    • Images

      Images not just attract attention, they can evoke various reactions from visitors. They can convey messages in detail within less time. Include graphics related your products or services and images from your recent events, processes, which supports your text.

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  3. Testimonials & Reviews

    Testimonials and reviews give assurance to your readers and visitors that the product or services they are planning to buy are safe to use. They build your reputation online and give an idea about your brand’s position in the market to your prospects. There is a human tendency, if others had a great experience with a product then we believe it will be useful to us. Having testimonials and product reviews on your site enhances user experience.

Websites with a perfect combination of these elements get more views and enhances viewers experience. These experiences leaves a greater impact on customer and their purchasing decisions.