Magic Millet

Magic Millet

Magical Millet sells millets in various parts of India. They source millets from Karnataka. Millet is a small-grained annual cereal and has more nutrient content than other major cereals. Millet is easy to digest, is high in fibre, rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and is gluten-free, alkaline, and non-allergenic. The client wanted us to design and print a trifold pamphlet that includes information and recipes for the six types of millets they sell.

Our role was to design the pamphlet that help the client achieve their objective. First, we had to conduct a meeting to understand the client's requirements, the nature of the brand, value, goal, company tradition, and target audience. Using the brand core colors, we designed three variations for the pamphlet and presented them to the client. From which the client chose one. We worked on the designs finalized by the clients, made some final edits, added the content, and delivered the final draft to the client. Overall it took around five days for the output to get ready, and the client's feedback was gratifying. We kept the look and feel of the pamphlet subtle, bright, and neat. For the layout of the pamphlet, we used two light shades (#C1D953 & #F6FAE7) and one dark shade (#457B57) of green color to indicate that the brand is into selling millets (generally a millet is of green/wheatish color). Also, we used one dark shade of grey color (#3F413B), and white color (#F8FBF6) for the pamphlet design and for the font, we used Encode Sans. You can get a preview of the final output of the6 pamphlet, the sample variations of the design, and a few materials used to create the pamphlet from the images and videos displayed above.

  • Project Name:Magic Millet
  • Client:Magic Millet
  • Finshing Date:July 13, 2022
  • Duration:5 Days
  • Category:Design

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