Fabricsthan is a repository of fabrics in India. They gather information about different fabric bases and fabric types and make it available to people in a quick and easy way. You can view the weather conditions a fabric is to be worn and the usual price range and get information about the history/origin and process on their website. Their goal was to have a simple yet interactive website that could drive potential audiences to their brand online.

Our role in the project was to help the client achieve this goal by designing and developing a website that could communicate the brand’s message to its potential audience. First and foremost, we held meetings with them to understand their brand’s nature, values, objectives, vision, the culture of the company and target audience. According to the requirements, we presented a few variations of website designs and a blueprint of the plan for the client to review. Later, we worked on the design finalized by the client, made some edits as suggested by the client and delivered the final draft. Overall it took three weeks to complete this project. The client’s response to the final draft was amazing and we set the website live! For the website, we kept the appearance simple, serene, and trendy to make it look relevant to the fabrics industry. We used the core colors of the brand throughout the website and images provided by the client. You can get a preview of the website design, and a few merchandises from the images displayed above.

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