Rentopremise is dedicated to providing real estate and property rental solutions to the ones in need. Their requirement was to create a logo with a strong recall which could effectively convey their brand’s idea, vision, and mission. Our role in this project was to help the brand create a logo that stands out among its competitors.

To make the brand recognizable and fulfill the objective of the client, we first had to understand the client's requirements, the nature of their brand, values, objectives, the company's traditional values and target audience. According to the requirements, we came up with a few combinations for the logo, font, and color scheme and presented them to the client. From which the client chose one. We worked on the designs finalized by the clients, made some final edits and delivered the final draft to the client. Overall it took around two weeks for this entire process. We were happy with the client's reaction to it! We were able to achieve the goal behind this project with a selection of vibrant color schemes, brand patterns, and visually appealing typography. We used black(#333333), grey(#666667, #989898, #b2b3b3), and the range of colors present in a sunrise. For the typography, we used Cutive Regular. We designed a logo that showcases a building with an upward projection and a rising sun to depict change and growth. We used the building to portray that the brand is into the real estate and property business. The rising sun represents how the company help people with property and real estate issues just as how the rising sun is the light to the darkness. You can get a preview of the logo, a few variations of the design and how it looks on the business cards in the images displayed here.

  • Project Name:Rentopremise
  • Client:Rentopremise
  • Finshing Date:June 2, 2022
  • Duration:2 Weeks
  • Category:Design

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