Smartax Website

Smartax Website

Smartax is an accounting firm based in Canada. They are committed to providing prompt, insightful and custom-made solutions related to tax, finance and management to businesses, individuals and non-profits. They understand the financial and management challenges faced by businesses and individuals and help their clients overcome these challenges. They suggest to the clients, certain ways to manage their accounts that could benefit the clients in growing the business. They wanted us to redesign their website which has a simple yet interactive layout and provides accurate insights into their business to the potential audiences online.

Our role in the project was to help the client achieve this goal by designing and developing a website that could communicate the brand’s message to its potential audience and drive clients to their brand online. First and foremost, we held meetings with them to understand their brand’s nature, values, objectives, vision, culture of the company, and target audience. According to the requirements, we presented a few variations of website designs and a blueprint of the plan for the client to review. Later, we worked on the design finalized by the client, made some edits as suggested by the client, and delivered the final draft. Overall it took three weeks to complete this project. The client’s response to the final draft was terrific and we set the website live! For the website, we kept the appearance simple, serene, and didactic to make it look relevant to the finance industry and we used the core colors of the brand throughout the website to make it look uniform with the brand. We utilized the images provided by the client and developed content that could convey what the brand is all about and portray its core messages to the potential audience. You can get a preview of the website design, and a few pieces of merchandise from the images displayed above.

  • Project Name:Smartax Website
  • Client:Smartax
  • Finshing Date:November 21, 2022
  • Duration:4 Weeks
  • Category:Development, Design

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