Sohum stands for Social Organization for Human Upliftment Movement. It is a non-profit initiative based in India which aims to empower and uplift people. They understand, motivate and provide appropriate solutions to people in need of a livelihood. They firmly believe that just providing monetary support to someone in need fills the requirement temporarily but to truly enhance a person’s life there should be a proper and authentic method whereby they can support themselves and their families. Our goal was to design a logo and develop a website that represents the values and objectives of the brand effectively.

We had to create a logo and website for the brand. To help the client achieve their goal we held meetings with them to understand their brand’s nature, values, objectives, the culture of the company and target audience. According to the requirements, we came up with a few variations for logo, font, website design, and color scheme, from which the client chose their favorite. We worked on the designs finalized by the clients, made some final edits and delivered the final draft to the client. Overall it took 4 weeks to complete this project. The client’s response to the final draft was amazing and we were happy to see the client's reaction to it! The logo we made for Sohum resembles the letter “S”. In meditation terms, the word Sohum acts as a natural mantra to control one’s breathing pattern to help advance deep breaths and gain concentration. Soooo... is the sound of inhalation. It is remembered in the mind, along with that inhalation is depicted by the downward arrow in the logo. In the logo, the color of this inhalation is represented by the cooler aqua color. Hummm… is the sound of exhalation. It is remembered in the mind along with that exhalation as depicted by the upward arrow in the logo. In the logo, the color of this exhalation is represented by warmer yellow. This color scheme has been used to design the website and added a stories section to make the site more interactive. You could have a look at how the logo, website and other branding materials look from the images displayed above.

  • Project Name:Sohum
  • Client:Sohum
  • Finshing Date:June 2, 2022
  • Duration:4 Weeks
  • Category:Design, Development

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