WE3 Academy

WE3 Academy

WE3 Academy is an educational hub based in Mumbai, India, where education meets a real-world professional network. It is a subsidiary of WE3 Solutions. It offers intensive courses in web development, career development, and social media marketing. All the courses, are designed to provide you with fundamental skills and real-world experiences to accelerate your career. We provide full-fledged branding services to WE3 Academy - website development and maintenance, social media, marketing, SEO, graphic designing, audit, etc.

Our parent company, WE3 Solutions, found it hard to hire new graduates and realized how big a gap exists between what is taught in colleges and what is expected in the industry. Our main goal with WE3 Academy is to bridge that gap and empower students to become capable of building their products / start their professional journey. We believe in learning by doing. Our courses are structured to be 80% practical and 20% theoretical core concepts, and the coursework is graded only on projects and presentations. We are working towards creating a promising community of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. We kept the logo design, brand colors, and illustrations used on the website / for marketing collaterals similar to WE3 Solutions to indicate it is a subsidiary company and maintain the consistency of the brand. We even organize online and in-class webinars and workshops on social media, programming, and career development as a part of our marketing services for the company. Our day-to-day activities include maintaining the website, managing the social media profiles, SEO auditing, handling marketing campaigns, creating promotions, designing graphics for marketing collaterals, and developing content for the company. You can get a preview of the logo, website design, business card, letterhead, course information, illustrations, social media posts and analytical data on the performance of their social media accounts, marketing campaigns, and google analytics from the images displayed here.

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